Hans Arnold Solo
Photography by Nikolas Fabian Kammerer

In his solo project, Hans Arnold devotes himself to both song-like and sound-researching structures, combining influences from ambient, indie, experimental and improvised music. His set-up combines Wurlitzer piano with a standing bass drum, which merge into a single instrument through live – looping. The Wurlitzer piano serves him as harmonically melodic as well as electronically alienated sound source for noisy textures exploring the frequency spectrum. In addition to its percussive role, the bass drum acts just as well as a resonator, expanding and alienating the sound of other percussive objects, making overtones resonate or generating a wide spectrum of noise. A solo performance out of keys and vibrating materials, a singing Wurlitzer piano supported by a noisy, percussive sound world. The debut album „And Finally The Rain“ was released on TELESKOP in may 2020.

„Intense but with a minimalistic sound, there a lots of noisy textures that make his sound both electronic and acoustic sounding at the same time. “ Jazz Revelations / May 2020
„It´s a pleasure watching Hans Arnold create these compositions from the ground up, lovingly applying each new element to the slowly swelling track.“ Tome to the Weather Machine

30.07.2022 – Detect Classic Festival
03.08.2022 – Poolbar Festival / Feldkirch (Austria)
09.10.2022 – naTo / Leipzig

13.11.2021 – Kulturbahnhof Tannepöls
03.09.2021 – Subbotnik / Leipzig
11.09.2020 – Kunstfest Weimar
31.01.2020 – Terebinthia e.V. / Pehritzsch
24.10.2019 – Other Music Academy / Weimar
05.09.2019 – Pierre Grasse / Halle
09.05.2019 – Aaltra / Chemnitz